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    Girls - 2015, 2014, 2011 and 2012
    Boys - 2013, 2011, 2010, 2009 and 2008

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  • Recreation Soccer

    2022 Fall Recreation registration has started!

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  • U19 Champions!

    Congratulations on a job well done!

  • Congratulations!

    Our Firebirds have won the MNJYSA Flight 1
    with an undefeated season! 10 wins 0 losses!!

    They followed it up with a trip to the finals
    Of the EDP Fall Showcase!

    Job well done! Keep up the good work!!

Elizabeth Soccer - Teams

Schedule Team Name   (Code)   Coach Name   (Position)   Cell Phone   Home Phone   Email

   2007 - 2017 Recreation   (Rec)   Mike Silva   (Rec Director)   908-380-8468     mfs0715@gmail.com
   2014 Boys   (U 8)   Mike Silva   ()       mfs0715@gmail.com
   Storm (2014/2015)   (U 8G)   Kelly Williams   (Coach)       kellyvdyke320@gmail.com
   Vipers (2013)   (U 9)   Sergio Duarte   (Coach)       sergioduarte387@gmail.com
   Hunters (2012)   (U10)   Abraham Hernandez   (Coach)       zeal777liuna@yahoo.com
   Hunters (2012)   (U10)   Ana Luis   (Team Manager)       anabola01@yahoo.com
   Titans (2011)   (U11)   Stephanie Abuhamoud   (Team Manager)       scorreia09@yahoo.com
   Titans (2011)   (U11)   Norman Bonano   (Coach)       norm_bonano@yahoo.com
   Warriors (2011)   (U11)   Oscar Cerda   (Coach)   908-342-4391     oscardcerda@yahoo.com
   Stars (2011/2012)   (U11G)   Ivan Ochoa   (Coach)       ivandjmontana@gmail.com
   Stars (2011/2012)   (U11G)   Fabiana Ochoa   (Team Manager)       sexyfaby.fp@gmail.com
   Pumas (2010)   (U12)   Hector Escobar   (Coach)       crema82001@hotmail.com
   Pumas (2010)   (U12)   Gloria Castillo   (Team Manager)       gagudelo10@gmail.com
   Turbos (2009)   (U13)   Eddie Falcon   (Coach)       eddieconnie@gmail.com
   Turbos (2009)   (U13)   Nuno Rico   (Coach)       nunorico@outlook.com
   Leones (2008/2009)   (U14)   Bryan Alvarez   (Coach)       alvarezbryan0427@gmail.com
   Vikings (2008)   (U14)   Henry Castillo   (Coach)       hjc8103@gmail.com
   Vikings (2008)   (U14)   Claudia Frade   (Team Manager)       claudiafrade@optonline.net
   Vikings (2008)   (U14)   Mike Silva   (Coach)   908-380-8468     mfs0715@gmail.com
   Lions (2006/2007)   (U16)   David Luis   (Coach)       davidoliveira1216@gmail.com
   Lions (2006/2007)   (U16)   Fernando Figeroa   (Coach)   908-875-3183     fcmarti@hotmail.com
   Dragons (2005)   (U17)   Connie Falcon   (Team Manager)       conniefalcon@mac.com
   Dragons (2005)   (U17)   Carlos Neves   (Coach)   908-494-2863     bolitaneves@hotmail.com
   Dragons (2005)   (U17)   Carlos Bastos   (Coach)   973-715-2015     bastos_1969@yahoo.com
   Spartans (2004)   (U18)   Rocky Castillo   (Coach)       rockykas@yahoo.com
   Spartans (2004)   (U18)   Lurdes Francisco   (Team Manager)   908-350-3358     Lurdesfrancisco1@gmail.com
   Jaguars (2004/2005/2006)   (U18G)   Anabela Antunes   (Team Manager)   973-641-5209     anabel.antunes@yahoo.com
   Jaguars (2004/2005/2006)   (U18G)   Edwin Lopez   (Coach)       lopeze01@gmail.com
   Rebels (2003)   (U19)   Luis Fabiani   (Team Manager)       LFabiani@msn.com
   Rebels (2003)   (U19)   Manny Grova   (Coach)       mgrova@lawfirm.ms